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Our Mission and Vision:

Paws In Your Hands Rescue (PIYHR) is a dedicated 501(c)3 nonprofit organization headquartered in Massachusetts, passionately focused on rescuing and securing new homes for dogs facing severe hardships. Our mission is to transform the lives of shelter dogs—those who are homeless, abandoned, neglected, or surrendered—by steering them toward the love and security of permanent homes. At PIYHR, we believe every dog deserves a second chance at life, and we are committed to making that a reality, one rescue at a time. While we are based in Massachusetts, our adoption efforts extend throughout the New England and East Coast regions, ensuring that our impact reaches as far as possible.

Our Unique Approach:

At Paws In Your Hands Rescue (PIYHR), we adopt a progressive and thoughtful approach to dog rescue, setting us apart from traditional organizations. We operate without a physical facility, focusing instead on a strategic model that involves securing confirmed adopters before intervening in a dog's shelter life. This preemptive confirmation ensures that every rescue effort we undertake is with a definitive path to a loving, permanent home. Once an adopter is confirmed, we then formally rescue the dog and place them into one of our compassionate foster homes located in Texas. This step often represents the first time these dogs, many of whom were previously strays or confined in shelter environments, experience the warmth and safety of a home setting. By implementing this method, we significantly reduce the stress experienced by the dogs and efficiently manage our resources, allowing for a more focused and personalized care process.


Why Texas?:

Our rescue efforts extend far beyond Massachusetts to Texas, where the need is overwhelming. The state faces one of the highest shelter euthanasia rates in the U.S., compounded by low spay and neuter rates and an overburdened shelter system. Thousands of dogs in Texas roam the streets or languish in overcrowded shelters, desperately needing rescue and a chance at a better life. We focus our efforts on these vulnerable canines, providing them a pathway to forever homes predominantly along the East Coast and in the New England region.

Our Growth & Partnerships:
Since our inception, Paws In Your Hands Rescue (PIYHR) has grown significantly, not in size but in capability and reach. Our operations remain intentionally small-scale to maintain effectiveness and ensure we never overextend our resources. At the heart of our efforts is our founder, Amala, supported by a dedicated group of volunteers whose profound love for dogs drives our mission. We have forged essential partnerships not only with veterinary providers—who offer us reduced-cost care—but also with overwhelmed rescues and overcrowded shelters. These collaborations have been crucial in extending our reach and impact, allowing us to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome more dogs than ever before.

Our Philosophy:
At Paws In Your Hands, we pour extensive care, consideration, and love into every step of our rescues’ journeys. Our commitment to sustainable, impactful rescue work is deeply personal and informed by our founder Amala’s own distressing experience with a supposed reputable rescue. Amala was scammed by a Texas-based rescue that engaged in unethical practices—failing to provide vaccinations, medical care, or honest dealings, and ultimately delivering a severely ill puppy without any medical records. This puppy, only 12 weeks old and suffering from abuse, trauma, inbreeding, and severe lifelong medical issues, including parvo, miraculously survived. This experience has driven us to prioritize transparency and honesty in all our operations. We go above and beyond to ensure no adopter experiences what Amala did. While we strive to provide as much information as possible about our dogs, often their full histories remain unknown. Nonetheless, we are committed to making the adoption process as clear and positive as possible, prioritizing the well-being of each dog and the quality of the adoption experience.

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